Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cousins News

Heather Christle has been added to the March 7 Cousins lineup! She joins Claire Donato, Matt Hart, and Nate Pritts.

A new Cousins reading has been added on May 2, featuring Sandy Florian, Elisa Gabbert, and Lara Glenum.

Adam Gallari has a new piece at Kill Author.

Molly Gaudry has a new piece at Kill Author.

Darcie Dennigan is reading at Dire Literary Series on Feb 5th with Joseph Riippi and Hannah Baker-Siroty. Dire is Tim Gager’s great series, located at Out of the Blue Gallery, 106 Prospect Street, Cambridge, Mass.

Darcie is also reading with Joanna Fuhrman at the Naked Truth Reading Series (The New England Institute of Art),on February 10.

William Walsh is reading with Jessica Bozek, Ori Fienberg, and Elisa Gabbert at Small Animal Project on February 27. This reading celebrates the release of Artifice #1! It is an afternoon reading, starting at 3PM at Outpost 186, (186 1/2 Hampshire Street, between Prospect & Amory Streets, in Cambridge).

Cousins Reading Series is featured at Abe's Bar, located at 302 Wickenden Street in Providence, Rhode Island.